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This month we will be shining the spotlight on Dave Ramsey as we celebrate his 30-year work anniversary here at Kuehne! Dave has been crushing it as our Delaware Plant Manager for the past year, keeping everything running smoothly through record production amounts this past summer. Prior to becoming the Plant Manager, he worked successfully for many years as the Production Superintendent. 

Kuehne also celebrated a remarkable 2-year anniversary of no OSHA recordable injuries during Dave’s first year as Plant Manager.

Small Beginnings

Dave Ramsey in Kuehne Office

Dave Ramsey in the office with an aerial photo of the plant in the background

Dave grew up in a small town in West Virginia. He moved to Delaware in search of work and soon landed a job at Kuehne Company as a plant worker after working a few construction jobs. He figured he would not stay at Kuehne long either because he enjoyed learning new things and then moving on. He laughs that 30 years later, he is still here learning! 

Dave implements his experience and knowledge effectively. Herb Hutchinson, Kuehne’s Reliability Engineer in Delaware, says “Dave knows the Delaware plant like the back of his hand (hence 30 years), he is a tremendous asset to Kuehne in all aspects of the job. Dave has exceled in the Plant Manager role; he has a plan and is extremely focused on immediate and future goals. He is an absolute pleasure to work with each and every day.” 

Kuehne Plant Employees checking brine pump

Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Mark Merkel watch the pressure of the filter brine pump together.

Always Improving

Dave says “I like the job because there is always a project that needs to be done.” For him, one of the most exciting aspects of running the plant is getting to start up these new projects. He also appreciates getting to know the people he works with every day. Dave is an excellent listener who makes sure that everyone gets to be heard, no matter their position at the plant. That is an important aspect of the Kuehne culture, and one that Dave has definitely embraced.  



Plant Manager Dave Ramsey Instructs Kuehne Company employees.

Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Mark Merkel, and Mr. Joe Crowder Jr. gather information on the brine flow.

Investing in People 

Dave invests his time in ensuring that people are well trained. “I like for the guys to understand how it works and not just take the readings and move on,” he says. He starts off his work day by stopping by to talk with the operators and other plant personnel. 

Joe Wilson, Kuehne’s Production Supervisor at the Delaware site, says “Dave is the type of boss who will always put his employees first. His open-door policy shows that he cares. If there’s a problem, you can always count on Dave being the first to help out.” 

Dave also stays in close communication with the other two Kuehne Plant Managers, Manny Correia and Jamie Marsh. He says they are always texting and joking around, and they enjoy spending time together when possible. 

Why We Love Dave 

Mr. Ramsey at the computer

Mr. Ramsey in his office

Jill Drazek, Kuehne’s Senior HSE&S (Health, Safety, Environmental, and Security) officer, agrees that Dave is a caring individual. She says “Dave is dedicated, hard-working, smart and a great person to work with. No matter how large or small the challenge, he is always involved in the solution. He genuinely cares about Kuehne’s employees and makes everyone feel valued. He’s a fantastic Plant Manager!” 

Fred Carolin, another long-time Kuehne employee who works as the shift supervisor at the DE plant, says that “Dave is a hardworking man with integrity.  He has earned his way up the ladder while absorbing knowledge in all facets of the company.  Dave cares about his fellow employees and is always willing to lend a helping hand….a guy who will jump in the foxhole with you.  For 30 years now Dave has been a tremendous leader and contributor, the quarterback of the Kuehne-DC Team!” 


Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Merkel at the Brine Plant in Delaware

Dave and grandaughter

Dave and his granddaughter

Family Time

When Dave is not at work, he enjoys visiting his family and getting to spend some special time with his granddaughter. “I love my granddaughter. She’s the best,” he says. He also enjoys working outside. 

Thank you!! 

Dave – we appreciate your dedication to continual improvement of plant operations, and your lifelong desire to learn. Most importantly, thank you for giving back by investing your time in others through training and a willingness to listen to every individual on your team. We are grateful for the servant leadership model that you effortlessly portray each day. 


  1. ronda kuehne

    I knew that Dave would excel as a plant manager! We are all so grateful to you. Thank you.

  2. William Paulin

    I have appreciated Dave since I started at Kuehne. It is so true that he takes the time to train and educate all of us on the inner working of the plant. Congratulations on your successes and hope for many more years of keeping the plant safe.

  3. Azade Zaretabibi

    Your granddaughter is sooooo cute… Congratulations on your 30 year work anniversary and thanks for your hard work and dedication!

  4. Linda Kelly

    Congratulations Dave!!!!

  5. David Tahan

    Dave, Mega-congrats on reaching such a huge milestone. In my short tenure here at Kuehne, you have always “picked up the phone” and been responsive and helpful whenever I have a question or need information – a real pleasure to work with. Wishing you continued success over the next 30 years.

  6. Manny Cunha

    David is a seasoned and efficient manager. He takes the practical approach of “boots on the ground” kind of management. No doubts that he knows the DC plant and and the personnel better than anyone else.
    He is a dedicated and a very valuable professional in our company. Congratulations, it is well deserved.

  7. David Boyd

    Dave is a tremendous resource, role model and an integral person. Thank you Dave!

  8. Viviana A. Mendez

    Congratulations to you Dave Ramsey, always pleasant to work with. I do appreciate all the respect that you have shown to all the diverse employees including myself a female Latino within this organization.

  9. David in the Lab

    Dave is a pleasure to work with and has taught me a lot throughout the years. He may be a great worker… but is he an even better person! Congratulations Dave!


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