Jessica Bandera

Jun 14, 2021 | Our Employees | 3 comments

Say hello to Kuehne Company’s expert planner, organizer, and administrative genius – Jessica Bandera. Don’t let her small stature fool you. This little boss lady helps all the men in Operations stay up to date on upcoming trainings, certification renewals, and planned outages. She also takes care of the boiler licenses, manages the monthly analysis of the electrolyzer, and reviews paperwork to ensure that it is correct and complete. Jessica collaborates on many inter-departmental projects and was also recently asked to oversee the purchasing department.  

Jessica is a self-made lady who started out at a grocery store in her senior year of high school and quickly moved up to a multi-site management position. Kuehne Company was grateful to have her when she came on board as an assistant to the plant manager in 2018. As in her previous position, she accepted the challenge of learning new things, rapidly expanding her knowledge and expertise.  

Jessica with her husband and daughter

Looking Forward

Jessica is brimming with pride and happiness these days. Six months ago, she and her husband celebrated the birth of their first baby! Without a doubt, Jessica is a loving and committed mom to her daughter. She says she is “excited about experiencing life with her, doing fun things, and seeing her grow up.” 

She and her husband enjoy traveling together, and they are looking forward to showing their daughter the world as soon as circumstances permit. For now, they are happy to take her to the local beach and watch her experience rolling in the sand for the first time.  

The Ultimate Team Player 

The guys in Jessica’s department love having her around because they know she can be counted on to remind them of everything that is going on. It is a comforting feeling for them to not have to worry about all the dates and deadlines.  

But Jessica doesn’t stop at just keeping everybody on track. Viviana Mendez, Kuehne’s director of Human Resources, says that “Jessica is a perfect example of a person who knows what it is to work on a team.” She also notes that “Jessica has been in the company for a few years, but she has interacted with many departments in different successful projects.”

Marta Fernandes, an accountant at Kuehne, says that Jessica is “quick to show initiative and is always willing to help others, even if it is not her department.” Jessica is a pleasure to work with; her bubbly personality infuses others with positivity.  

Jessica is an extreme asset to Kuehne Company, and we are so fortunate to have her on our team. Thank you, Jessica, for all that you do and for the amazing person that you are! 


  1. Manny Cunha

    Awesome lady and working team player.
    In the picture, the beauty and the beasts!…

  2. Bill Paulin

    We are truly fortunate to have Jessica as part of the team. Her future at the company is bright just like her smile.

  3. ronda kuehne

    Tiny and Mighty! I wish I had a “Jessica”. Well all love you! Ronda


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