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Aug 16, 2021 | Our Employees | 2 comments

Kristian Kobelski is a B operator at Kuehne Company who has been working in the chemical industry for about 25 years. He began working with Kuehne in July of 2015 when the new brine to bleach facility was just getting up and running. Kristian currently works to ensure quality by sampling the bleach, brine, and caustic. He also loads hydrochloric acid trucks and performs maintenance throughout the brine to bleach facility.  

Moving Forward 

Last year before the pandemic hit, Kristian was training to become an A Operator. He is still interested in pursuing this as soon as social distancing restrictions are relaxed. He is also studying to obtain his Blue Seal Boiler Operators License.  

Kristian says he likes how Kuehne Company is so self-sufficient because of the way we treat and reuse water within the facility. He also points out how interesting it is that we run the boiler on the hydrogen gas produced by the electrolyzer. You can learn more about that process in this article: Kuehne Company uses Manufacturing Byproduct for Downstream Benefit.  

Kristian Kobelski working in Kuehne Company’s lab.
What We Love About Kristian 

Joseph Trama, who works closely with Kristian, says that he is “a standup guy. He taught me a lot and was very patient with me when I first started with Kuehne. To this day he is always willing to show me things that I may not know too well.” Joseph goes on to say that Kristian is “always willing to give a hand with things around the plant and you can always count on him if you’re in a jam or if you have a lot going on to step in and take things off your hands. Kris is without a doubt a real team player and it is a pleasure being able to work alongside him.” 

Azade Tabibi, Kuehne’s Lab Manager, says that Kristian is “a respectful operator whom I sometimes work with in the lab. He is very focused and energetic. He has a passion for sports, including fantasy football. Sometimes in the lab, I hear him talking about the games with the other folks, and it is obvious that he is really into it. I am happy that recently, he was able to celebrate his big day with his family and friends.” 


And what big day did he celebrate? His recent marriage to his long-time sweetheart, Miriam Beteta! That’s right – last month, July 10th to be precise, Kristian and Miriam officially tied the knot and took off for a week-long honeymoon at the beach!  

Kristian and Miriam have been together for 12 years and had planned to get married in July of last year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, they decided to postpone their wedding.  Miriam has children from a previous marriage, and they are all very happy to finally be united into one big happy family. 

Kristian is a family man for sure. One of his closest coworkers, Jorge Cubillos, says that he is a very nice person, a good friend, and an excellent coworker – a person who worries about others and helps them without hesitation.” He goes on to say that Kristian is “dedicated to his job and task and is an excellent father.” 

Kristian and Miriam celebrating their marriage.
Kristian participated in a recent ‘Healthy Selfie’ challenge at Kuehne by sending in a picture of himself at the gym.
Kristian is very proud of his daughter, Rachel, who is a Deans List student at Saint Dominic’s Academy in Jersey City. He says she will be entering her senior year of high school this fall and is already planning on studying psychology.  

A Healthy Lifestyle 

Kristian enjoys fitness and healthy eating. He says that in his free time, he enjoys going to the beach with his family, as well as staying fit at the gym. He also adheres to a strict keto diet and is careful to portion his meals. He is glad to see that Kuehne is making an effort to encourage employee health and wellbeing through the summer Wellness Wednesday Initiative.  

Thank you, Kristian, for sharing your diverse skill set, experience, and expertise with Kuehne Company. And congratulations on your marriage! We wish you many more fulfilling years and beach vacations together. 


  1. William Paulin

    We are fortunate to have you as part of the Kuehne family! Congratulations on tying the knot, getting and staying healthy. I hope for many years of happiness for you and Miriam.

  2. Dave in the Lab

    Kris is a pleasure to work with! He is reliable and hardworking. Loved the wedding photo! I rooting for his fantasy football team to get him some wins this year.


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