Kuehne Implements 5S Systems in South Kearny

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Over the summer, team members from various departments of the South Kearny Kuehne Company facility gathered on the third floor of the Brine-to-Bleach building for a one-week training in 5S. The training consisted of one day in a classroom setting, followed by four days of hands-on implementation. 

What is 5S? 

5S is a workplace organization and standardization system.  


Thomas Scientific Box

The 5S System helps organizations create and maintain safer and more efficient work zones.

Painted silhouettes ensure that tools and cleaning supplies are easily returned to their proper places.

1. Sort

The third floor section of the Brine-to-Bleach building that the training focused on was the storage room. As part of the hands-on learning component, members of the team were asked to touch every item in some way. Many items were moved to a more relevant area of the plant, some were thrown out or donated, and the rest was set aside to be organized neatly in the storage room. 

2. Set in Order

Once it was determined which items needed to be removed from the third floor storage room area, team members went about designating a home for every remaining item. Signs, tape, and outlines on the wall were a few of the many new organization methods applied to the area.  

3. Shine

A vacuum, broom and other cleaning supplies were strategically placed in the storage area to make cleaning convenient. Items were closely inspected and cleaned to ensure they were not damaged. 

4. Standardize

A sign was placed on both sides of the door informing anyone who enters that the area is in 5S compliance and should be correctly maintained. 

5. Sustain

Participants dedicated the 5th and final day of the training to implementing systems that would ensure the sustainability of the project. Mrs. Jessica Bandera, Purchase Manager and Long Range Outage Planner, set up a preventative maintenance work order that comes out once a week and is focused on continuing the 5S program, not just in the storage room area, but in other areas of the plant as well.  

Expected of You Sign

This sign on the exit door reminds employees to maintain the 5S organizational system.

Jessica and Mario Prata, Mission Support Specialist, estimate that at least two hours each week will be dedicated to continuing and expanding the 5S program throughout the facility.  

Once implemented, 5S is designed to be a simple system to maintain, even for those who did not participate in the training. Clear and simple signage informs team members where each item belongs. And a red tag area was also set aside where people can temporarily put things that do not yet have a clear place. 

Happy Kuehne Employees that participated

From Left to Right:

Jeff Meister from NJMEP, Daniel Correia (Summer Intern), Austin Wilkes (Maintenance), Joseph Trama (Maintenance), Brian Cleary (Production Supervisor), Ernest Nepa (Production Supervisor), Jessica Bandera (Purchasing Manager), Antonio Monteiro (Maintenance Supervisor), Mario Prata (Mission Support Specialist), Jose Fernandez (Fleet Mechanic), Joaquim Gloria (Stock Clerk), Martin Dawson (Purchasing Agent), Gabrielle Daniele (Analytical Chemist), Ed Hanker, and FRONT AND CENTER, Manny Correia (Plant Manager)

Kuehne Company wishes to give a special shoutout to Manny Correia for being a part of the 5S training and implementation. He is a true definition of a great leader. Also, a thank you to everyone that participated and took time away from their daily tasks to dedicate a whole week to this training. Everyone showed great teamwork regardless of what department they work for.


  1. Ronda kuehne

    What an awesome team. Worked together in the middle of “busy season”. So thankful for all of you!

  2. David in the Lab

    Great work everyone! 5S is a system used by top companies around the world, some include: Nike, Boeing, and the US Army! 5S has its roots planted in Japan. Their 5S are:

    Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seisō (shine), Seiketsu (standardize), and Shitsuke (sustain)

    It is wonderful to see Kuehne making the commitment to the continuous improvement of its employees and processes. I

    • Valerie Kuehne

      Thanks David for the extra information! Now I understand why the Delaware lab always seems so clean and organized!


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