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Last month, Kuehne Chemists and others gathered in New Haven for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of our new laboratory.  

“I was thrilled to see the lab come to life,” said Azade Zare Tabibi, Kuehne’s Lab Manager. “It was a great achievement, not just for me but for all the departments involved.” Azade is so glad that our New Haven plant now has a full lab that can run all the required tests. The tests are important not just for customers, but also for the production team.  

Especially after all the work that went into the rebuilding of the electolyzer, it is crucial to be able to run quality assurance tests on the products.  

Azade is also grateful for a new addition to the New Haven team, Anthony Manno. She has heard positive feedback from various team members regarding Anthony’s enthusiastic work ethic. Anthony will be working side by side with the production team and keeping the lab in top working order. 

Small beginnings. This lab was built from scratch.

Maykel and his team - Austin Wilkes and Joe Almeida

Here we see the new equipment set up and ready for the next test.

Advanced Capabilites

Before our New Haven facility had the lab in place, they used to send samples to the other sister plants for testing. Now they can do all their testing in house – anytime, anywhere, all the required tests.  

Jamie Marsh, the New Haven Plant Manager, added that opening the lab “was a huge accomplishment. The lab gives the production team much more confidence in making real-time changes and satisfying customer needs.” 

He goes on to say that having the lab opens doors outside the chlor-alkali industry. We can do some state testing. In fact, Jamie and his team have already reached out to the local fire department and police department. If they have a spill that they need help with, we can branch out and help them. 

Team Member Shout-Outs

One major player on the ground in New Haven has been Lewis Crosse, who has played a huge part in transitioning from the old lab to the new lab. In the beginning of the project, he helped get Azade and David Miyamoto up to speed on the specifics of the New Haven Plant.  

Jamie remarked that everyone at the plant has been a great help with the lab project. Especially Eric Ayotte, Tony Morale, Sean McNamara, and Joshua Sazinski, who have all pitched in to complete tasks that the contractors did not cover. It was truly a team effort. People really stepped up. Joshua and Jeffrey got the lab plumbed and helped a lot with moving instruments and reagents from the temporary lab to the new lab. 

Team members kept a temporary lab in nice working order while the renovations were underway for the new lab.

Maykel and his team - Austin Wilkes and Joe Almeida

The outside of the temporary lab

Kevin Booth, Kuehne’s Director of Engineering, pointed out that “Adrian Zapata, our Engineering Standards Manager, performed the layout design of the lab and managed the construction activities from start to finish.”

And Azade said “Like always when Adrian does his magic, he did it again with the lab renovation and of course, it came out fantastic.”


At the lab’s grand opening ceremony, Mrs. Ronda Kuehne cut the ribbon. She was so impressed by all the challenging work that went into getting the lab ready, and is thankful for the people who coordinated and assisted in making it a reality.  

Kuehne’s amazing team of chemists – we are so thankful for you! From left: David Miyamoto, Lewis Crosse, Azade Zare Tabibi, Anthony Manno, and Gabrielle Daniel.

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