Kuehne wins Lt. Governor’s Challenge Delaware Health Leader Award

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Kuehne Company’s employee health-promoting program, Wellness Wednesdays, has been recognized with a 2022 Lt. Governor’s Challenge Delaware Health Leader award.  

“By creating the Wellness Wednesdays program,” said Lt. Governor Dr. Bethany Hall Long, “Kuehne Company demonstrated a commitment to improving the physical, emotional and financial health of their staff by providing healthy snacks on-site, setting up consultations with a nutritionist, providing access to mental health services and other services that would help employees thrive.” 

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Improving Lives through Health and Wellness

The mission of the Lt. Governor’s Challenge is to improve the quality of life of all Delawareans. It honors the individuals, organizations and institutions that inspire others by making healthy choices the easiest choices for their communities, ultimately helping elevate the well-being, productivity and prosperity of the First State. Kuehne’s Wellness Wednesday program win was in the “Healthy Living” category. 

“It’s a great honor to be recognized, especially for this program,” said Kuehne Company President Zach Kuehne. “Our employees’ quality of life is very important to me, and we work hard at making sure we have a workforce that’s happy and proud of where they work. As a people- and planet-centric company, long-term relationships are what we strive for.” 

Kuehne employees based in Kearny were recently offered the opportunity to receive a chair massage. A total of 18 slots were offered and all were taken!

Company Recognition

Kuehne Company and other winners were further recognized at the Lt. Governor’s Celebration event on November 3rd, 2002. 

Ms. Viviana Mendez, Director of Human Resources, who spearheaded the Wellness Wednesday intiative, stated the following at the awards ceremony,

It is a great honor to be recognized for this program.

For Kuehne Company and its owners, it is part of their goals to demonstrate and be committed to providing resources and tools to all employees to improve our physical, emotional, and financial health.

I am proud to be part of this organization that provides me with the resources and support to implement wellness programs such as Wellness Wednesday to ensure our workforce is happy and proud of where we work.”

Wellness Program History

The Wellness Wednesday program launched in 2021 as a summer initiative with various themes and activities each Wednesday for a set period of time. The movement has continued throughout the year with sporadic activities such as mental health webinars and healthy snacks placed in break rooms. During the month of March 2022, Wellness Wednesdays were implemented again complete with contests and giveaways.

Small Treats make a Difference

“In the craziness and chaos of life, it is easy to forget to take care of your physical health. The goal I have in mind while putting together Wellness activities for Kuehne Company is to have events that lift Kuehne’s team spirit and help them form deeper relationships while contributing with experiences that promote physical and mental well-being.

We brought an experienced licensed massage therapist, and employees had the opportunity to experience a 10-minute service that left them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We are bringing the Chair massage back by popular demand again in December,” stated Viviana.

Kuehne Companys Wellness Wednesday program was implemented in all 3 facility locations: New Castle, DE, Kearny, NJ and New Haven, CT. 


Expected of You Sign

Thank You!

Kuehne would like to thank all of the employees who have participated in our wellness program, whether you chose a healthier snack in the break room, cooked one of the challenge recipes, or signed up to speak with a nutritionist, we appreciate your dedication to health and wellness!

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  1. Ronda Kuehne

    Congratulations to our HR department! It is wonderful to see everyone participating and looking out for one another. Thank you!


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