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Kuehne is excited to shine the spotlight this month on Relief Operator Lewis Crosse from our amazing New Haven family! A highly motivated team player, Lewis plays many important roles at Kuehne. 

Lewis grew up in Norwich, Connecticut. His father used to work at the site before Kuehne Company acquired it, and he suggested to Lewis that he move to the area and apply for a job. Although Lewis had considered becoming an X-ray technician, he took his father’s advice. He got a position as a floor operator 3 years before Kuehne’s acquisition. Because he has an associate degree in General Studies to do titrations, he soon moved into a lab position. 

Lewis quickly learned about the brine process and how the plant works. He says, “I have always liked chemistry quite a bit, even when I was a kid,” so he began studying the Handbook of Chlor-alkali Technology to deepen his understanding of the entire process.  

Lewis and Sean McNamara working together in the New Haven plant

Maykel and his team - Austin Wilkes and Joe Almeida

Lewis keeping th lab in order

A Typical Day

Lewis’ main focus these days is checking concentrations in the brine. He checks for impurities to ensure the final products are within the proper specifications. He checks what is going in and coming out of the electrolyzer. He does a fantastic job. In a recent electrolyzer rebuild, one engineer commented that the system was surprisingly clean. 

He also makes sure all the machines are calibrated and stable. He keeps the lab clean and organized, ensuring reagents are all topped up for floor operators. In addition, he keeps an eye on the inventory.  

Recently, Lewis repaired a diaphragm pump. The pump was not getting any suction and was losing prime. Even after removing the filter and flushing with water, it would not catch. Lewis took apart the top part of the pump where the ball valves are. He had to clean up the ball valve so the ball would create a seal. Lewis stays busy fixing issues like this that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to more severe problems and eventually the entire plant having to shut down.  

Why We Love Lewis 

Eric Ayotte, New Haven’s Maintenance Supervisor, says “Lewis is willing to do anything to help the team. Whether it is working in the lab, operations, or maintenance, he brings positivity and a fresh view to any operation. He most recently has been a vital member in the new laboratory project and the electrolyzer build. “ 

Kuehne was excited to open the new lab at the New Haven site. Azade Zaretabibi, Lab Manager at Kuehne, says I am always impressed by how “Tech Savvy” Lewis is. He played a crucial role in the lab, especially in helping our new lab addition (Anthony) get up to speed. Thank you so much Lewis for your dedication and contribution!” 


Away from Work 

When the weather is warm, Lewis usually does a lot of hiking. “I enjoy flying drones and doing aerial photography and videography” he says. When it is colder, he enjoys making candles and playing piano.  

His mom and sister live in Mystic. Lewis likes to go visit them every other weekend. His dad used to live in Gilford but sadly passed away about 3 years ago. 

Lewis is also charitable. He donates his own stem cells for a cause called Be the Match. 

He says, “my grandfather is my main inspiration for my work ethic.” Lewis’ grandfather was in the Navy for over 20 years and retired as the highest rank of Master Chief. “That’s where my strong work ethic and willingness to adapt came from.” 

Lewis hanging out in his free time donating stem cells

Thank you, Lewis! 

Kuehne is thankful to have many highly motivated individuals like Lewis on the team. He is an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Lewis, for all that you do and all that you are! 



  1. David Boyd

    Lewis, keep being a great inspiration and thank you for all you do!

  2. David in the Lab

    Great read! Lewis is a great team member and has contributed to the development of the lab. I loved reading about his community service, his drone photography, piano playing and candle making! I would love to know what type of wax you prefer!


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