Kuehne Showcase

Arthur ("Artie") Henry, Maintenance Clerk, has been with Kuehne Company for 40 years.  Most of his tenure has been in the Maintenance Department as a mechanic, but for the last 5 years he has ensured that the mechanics have had the supplies and parts they need.

Although Artie is well past retirement age, at 76 years young, he continues to come to work every day with a smile. When Artie started working for Kuehne in 1976, he and his family were celebrating his grandmother’s 100th birthday. The whole family is now planning to celebrate his mother’s 105th birthday this summer. Longevity runs strong in his family as well as with Kuehne, making it hard to forecast Artie’s retirement date…

From the entire Kuehne Family: thank you Artie for your years of excellent service!


Kuehne's in-house Quality Control Lab ensures the purity of our raw materials and our finished products.

This lab utilizes high-end instrumentation to analyze and document metal content and non-metal compounds.

Azade Zare Tabibi, Lab Manager, is pictured with an ICP OES.