The Kuehne Difference

Purity Beyond Comparison

Kuehne (pronounced KEY-KNEE) is a private chlor alkali producer with a rich centuries-old history. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), we play a crucial role in making water safe to drink for a region consisting of over 36 million people, about 11% of the US population.

Our Mission

Setting New Benchmarks

We’re actively addressing the high energy consumption associated with chlor alkali production. Through a forward-thinking, sustainable approach, we’re not only setting new benchmarks for energy efficiency but also producing chemicals with unprecedented purity and heightened potency. This dual commitment aims to not only reduce environmental impact but also establishes a new standard for long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

A Superior Product

Good Enough
Isn’t Good Enough

Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Introducing our Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach.

Contributing to a brighter future

Sustainability Meets Quality

The chemicals derived from our chlor alkali process are integral to the production of various goods across nearly every industry, they are critical to our way of life. That’s why we prioritize efforts to minimize their impact on our planet during production and delivery.

Commonly known as bleach with the formula NaOCl.

Also known as lye and caustic soda with the formula NaOH.

Also known as muriatic acid or spirits of salt with the formula HCl.

Commonly known as potash with the formula KOH.

A valuable byproduct of the chlor alkali process with the formula H2.

A valuable byproduct of the chlor alkali process with the formula Cl2.

Laboratory Services

Rely on us to transform routine samples into user-friendly results. We’re dedicated to upholding your quality assurance standards with precision and speed.

Transportation Services

Trust in our dedicated fleet of tractor trailers and tankers to deliver your materials. Experience the reliability and safety that sets us apart.

Your Neighborhood Chemical Company

With three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

Delaware City, DE
New Castle, DE
South Kearny, NJ
Kearny, NJ
New Haven, CT
New Haven, CT

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Tried, tested and trusted

In a market teeming with choices, Kuehne promises a difference. Our unique edge? A blend of unmatched product purity, competitive pricing, and a dedication to exemplary customer service and reliability.

Experience the Kuehne Difference