Sodium Hypochlorite Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach

What truly distinguishes Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach from traditional bleach is our proprietary process used to produce it, meticulously designed to yield a product of superior quality. With fewer impurities, it achieves impressive stability, lighter weight, and an extended shelf life – all while upholding a steadfast commitment to environmental friendliness.

The Impact

Redefining Industry Standards

The historical industry standard strength for sodium hypochlorite (bleach) was 15% by volume or 12.5% by weight. However, this changed nearly twenty years ago when Kuehne Company redefined industry standards by developing a proprietary technique to produce Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach, with the ability to reach concentrations as high as 30% by volume or 22% by weight.

Two years were dedicated to perfecting this technique and rigorously testing the Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach before officially distributing it. Early adopters have been enjoying its benefits since their first order and continue to reap those rewards.

Delivered and then diluted on-site.
Lower administrative overhead.
Reduced opportunities for accidents.
Less traffic due to fewer trucks on the road.

Fewer Deliveries

Kuehne engineers will custom design a dilution skid to precisely meet your specifications and preprogram it for accurate dilution during offloading.

Additionally, each system comes with a bypass for instances when dilution is unnecessary. They are also responsible for system installation, training, and maintenance.

Reduced Costs

Each truckload of Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach delivers more sodium hypochlorite and less water. This translates to fewer orders needing to be placed, received, and processed.

Over time, this culminates in a significant reduction in administrative overhead, as fewer working hours are required.

Inherently Safer

Fewer operator interactions due to reduced deliveries translate to fewer opportunities for accidents.

Workplace accidents can have a significant impact on your business, leading to loss of productivity, employee dissatisfaction, unnecessary costs, a tarnished reputation, and in the worst cases, closure.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the benefits awarded to your organization, Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach also offers environmental advantages.

Fewer deliveries mean less traffic and fewer trucks on the road, resulting in cleaner air, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, healthier communities, and reduced consumption of diesel fuel.

Start taking advantage of the benefits of Concentrated Low-Salt Bleach