Lead Driver

Francisco Troncoso

Mr. Troncoso commenced his career as a diesel mechanic with a company in New York before obtaining his Class A Driver’s License. Initially, he assisted with preloads and eventually transitioned into driving trucks. For 12 years, Mr. Troncoso owned his own truck and traveled across the country delivering chemical products.

However, he eventually decided to pursue a different path. Encouraged by two friends working at Kuehne, he applied for a position despite initially feeling hesitant about becoming a company driver rather than an independent truck owner. Nevertheless, within a week, he was onboard and undergoing training to become a certified Kuehne driver.

Exemplary Contributions

Mr. Troncoso’s colleagues express deep gratitude for his presence on their team. According to Kelly Ward, a former Kuehne Transportation Supervisor, “Frank is always among the first to offer his expertise, suggestions, and insights, going out of his way to assist his co-drivers in any possible manner.”

Ward further emphasizes his exceptional communication skills with supervisors and outstanding customer relations. She commends his unwavering dedication to the company’s best interests, promoting safety and knowledge-sharing among fellow drivers. “He never says no; instead, he assures us that everything will be alright and collaborates tirelessly to ensure successful deliveries.”

Alvaro Diaz, a long-time friend and coworker, echoes similar sentiments, noting Mr. Troncoso’s inherent kindness even to strangers. Diaz recounts a gesture of generosity when Mr. Troncoso provided him with a meal after a challenging day at work. “His constant smile, even during tough times, reflects his strong work ethic and invaluable contribution to Kuehne.”

Family Values

When asked about his leisure activities, Mr. Troncoso mentions that he enjoys spending his free time with his son. They often bond over playing soccer, watching movies, or simply relaxing at home together. He takes pride in his son, who is currently pursuing computer science and engineering at Union County College.

In addition to their regular activities, Mr. Troncoso and his son also share a passion for vacationing in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, where they visit family and explore the local culture.