2023 Summer Laboratory Intern

Jacquelyn Coyne

The Kuehne Company Laboratory Internship Program is a dynamic developmental initiative tailored for emerging chemists aspiring to refine their skills and expand their understanding of laboratory practices within a real-world manufacturing environment.

A Fulfilling Experience

Jacquelyn asserts, ‘My experience working as a Lab Intern at Kuehne Company was an ideal summer internship. All the employees I met at Kuehne were genuinely friendly and supportive, creating a welcoming and fulfilling work environment.'”

“I felt like a valued team member, encouraged to think critically and continuously learn. This experience not only enhanced my chemistry knowledge but also honed my general professional skills, enriching my abilities for any future career path.”

“Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team.”

The Value of the Laboratory Internship Program

By participating in this program, interns embark on a journey of professional growth, acquiring practical experience and insights that serve as a solid foundation for their future careers in chemistry.

David Miyamoto, Kuehne’s Lab Technical Manager, praised Jacquelyn’s performance: “Jackie flourished during her time at Kuehne. She not only excelled at performing her job but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the tasks she was assigned. We are immensely proud of her accomplishments.”

Jacquelyn herself shared her thoughts on her internship experience: “I enjoyed working with Gaby and Dave in the lab, learning about the daily processes and operations of the plant. I not only gained hands-on experience by being encouraged to try various lab procedures but also received thorough explanations of the principles and reasoning behind each test.”