Jim Alexander

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together on this special day for an amazing CDL Hazmat truck driver – Jim Alexander! Today, March 25, 2022, marks Jim’s 26th work anniversary with Kuehne Company, and we are absolutely honored that he has chosen to stay in our family for so many years! Of all the amazing truck drivers working with Kuehne, Jim has been with us the longest. 

He has probably been interested in trucking for the longest as well. Jim’s love affair with trucks began when he received a toy Hess Truck for Christmas in 1969. He was 2 years old!

A Love of Driving

Jim’s love affair with trucks began when he received a toy Hess Truck for Christmas in 1969. He was 2 years old!

Jim was born and raised in Lakewood, New Jersey, where he graduated from Lakewood High School in 1986. His first transportation-related job was as a pump attendant at Zanowic’s Sunoco. Sears in Lakewood had an account at the Zanowic’s station, which led to his first driving job, where he delivered furniture and appliances. He was at Sears for three and a half years before getting laid off. 

He then drove a wheelchair coach for S.A.S. Ambulance Service before getting his CDL in 1993. His first job driving a tractor-trailer was hauling LTL freight for MidLantic Express of New Brunswick. Sadly, after less than one year of being hired, the company went out of business. 

Jim is an all-around great person. He has proven himself not only to be a safe and dedicated driver, but an excellent customer service representative as well.

Because our drivers interact directly with our customers, it is important that they are professional when offloading the product on the customer’s site. It is a pleasure to be around Jim, as he is so respectful, friendly, and easy to talk to. He loves to talk about his family and the fun things they do together. 



Why We Love Jim

Jim has earned a lot of respect in the Kuehne family. Steve Gehrlein, Kuehne’s Transportation Manager, says “Jim is a super nice guy who is highly experienced and brings a lot of maturity to the group. He sets a great example for the younger drivers and is a joy to work with.” 

Alvaro Diaz, our hard-working New Jersey dispatcher, says “I really enjoy working with him. Jim has a positive attitude and treats his coworkers with respect. No doubt, he is an invaluable member of the team.” 

Fellow drivers also appreciate getting to work with Jim. Francisco Troncoso, New Jersey’s lead driver, says “Jim is a gentleman with a huge heart. He helps any driver in every way he can with directions as well as what to expect on all the deliveries. Very calm and easy going. Respectful towards others.”

Jim Thanks His Mentor

Jim gives credit to a Vietnam Veteran and United States Marine, mentor, and dear friend, James R. Noll Sr., aka “Wide Oval,” who helped him get his first job in the chemical tanker industry driving for Dana Transport, based in Avenel, NJ. Jim remembers his friend fondly and still keeps in touch with his son. He says “James taught me everything he knew about tanker work.”

James R. Noll Sr., aka “Wide Oval" | 1946 - 2015

How Jim Came to Kuehne

Jim says “I was looking for more local work that paid better.” One day, Jim was sent to pick up a load of caustic soda from Kuehne. He asked the loader if they were hiring, and he said that they were.

He says “I waited a month before I submitted my application, and the timing couldn’t have been better as it was just before the busy season was getting ready to start.” He says that the idea of working for a chemical business seemed more beneficial to him than working for a trucking company. 

Although slightly nervous at first, the driver who trained him in procedures was positive and always spoke well of the job. Jim says he enjoys working at Kuehne because “It’s a good jobIt’s steady work. Good people to work for. Everyone’s easy to get along with. Equipment has improved a lot. The fleet mechanic crew is great right now.” 

Jim has seen quite a few changes at Kuehne since he first began 26 years ago. He remembers before 9/11 when there were no security fences around the property. And of all the changes, he says, “the only bad one really is parking. It’s hard to move around the yard because it’s crowded.” 

Jim’s first job in the chemical tanker industry was with Dana Transport, where he used to pick up caustic soda from Kuehne Company.

Family Time

Jim currently lives in Brick Township, NJ. He and his wife Liz like to go out pleasure driving in their 1980 Corvette on the weekends. They stop to support local diners and go to car shows. They also enjoy watching old movies together.

Their son, Jimmy, just turned 25 and is getting married to his fiancé, Dana, this October.