Plant Manager

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey, the current Plant Manager in Delaware, hails from a small town in West Virginia. Seeking employment, he relocated to Delaware and initially worked several construction jobs before joining Kuehne Company as a plant worker. Dave swiftly ascended the ranks to become Production Superintendent, a role he held for many years before assuming the position of Plant Manager.

Initially, Dave anticipated moving on from Kuehne after acquiring new skills, but he humorously reflects that, 30 years later, he remains with the company, continuously learning and growing.

Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Merkel, and Mr. Crowder Jr. gather information on the brine flow.

A Leader Dedicated to Training and Collaboration

Dave prioritizes thorough training for his team, emphasizing understanding over mere data collection. He begins each workday by engaging with operators and other plant personnel, fostering open communication, and ensuring everyone feels valued.

Joe Wilson, Kuehne’s Production Supervisor at the Delaware site, praises Dave’s employee-centric approach, citing his open-door policy and readiness to assist whenever needed. Additionally, Dave maintains close communication with fellow Plant Managers, Manny Correia and Jamie Marsh.

For Dave, the appeal of his job lies in the constant stream of projects that require attention. He finds particular excitement in launching new initiatives and values the relationships he builds with his colleagues. As an attentive listener, Dave ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, regardless of their position within the plant.

Looking Forward

When Dave is not at work, he cherishes spending time with his family, particularly his granddaughter, whom he adores. ‘I love my granddaughter. She’s the best,’ he says affectionately. Additionally, he finds enjoyment in outdoor activities.