Clyde Gallagher

Mr. Clyde Gallagher serves as an esteemed A-Operator at Kuehne’s Delaware Plant, bringing extensive experience in manufacturing to his 16-year tenure with the Kuehne Company family. Colleagues praise Mr. Gallagher for his self-motivation, deep knowledge, and unwavering dependability.

In his role, Mr. Gallagher ensures the smooth operation of the plant while prioritizing safety. He meticulously conducts lab samples on various substances, ranging from process wastewater to bleach, to ensure accurate percentages align with customer specifications.

An Employee's Journey

Clyde began his journey at Kuehne as a B-Operator, steadily advancing through the ranks with determination and ambition. He remains optimistic about seizing future opportunities for further growth within the company.

Mr. Joe Wilson, Production Supervisor, attests to Clyde’s exceptional attention to detail and willingness to assist with any task, noting his consistent commitment to achieving excellence. According to Wilson, Clyde consistently ensures that tasks are completed correctly.

Mr. Dave Ramsey, Delaware Plant Manager, commends Clyde’s intellect and reliability, emphasizing his remarkable understanding of the plant’s operations. Ramsey admires Clyde’s self-motivation and proactive approach to teamwork, describing him as a pleasure to collaborate with.

Dedication and Security

“Clyde is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He willingly works overtime and readily volunteers to cover shifts when needed,” says Duane Mitchell, a shift supervisor in Delaware. Clyde himself jests, “I enjoy the free coffee. It keeps me going.” However, he earnestly notes the constant investment and expansion at Kuehne, along with the bustling activity of trucks picking up products, which instills a sense of security for him.

Clyde Gallagher working with a bleach sample