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It is an honor to introduce this month’s featured employee, Mr. Francisco Troncoso, who has been driving trucks with Kuehne Company for eight years. Mr. Troncoso began his career as a diesel mechanic with a company in New York, and soon obtained his Class A Driver’s License. He began by assisting with preloads and after some time got into driving the trucks. For 12 years, Mr. Troncoso owned his own truck and travelled the country delivering chemical products.  

Eventually, however, Mr. Troncoso decided that he did not want to do that anymore. Two of his friends were working with Kuehne and they both encouraged him to apply. He says, “For a while I was resentful of becoming a company driver as opposed to having my own truck.” But he applied anyway and within a week was onboard and training to become a certified Kuehne driver.  

He began to enjoy working with Kuehne and driving a company truck. He says “Everything is great here. I’m pleased with how they treat you here – how they respect you.” 

Francisco Troncoso at the office

What Mr. Troncoso Loves about Kuehne 

Mr. Troncoso says that “at Kuehne, you’re learning something every day.” He enjoys getting to know the customers and the different stops. He also says “I can see that the leadership is solid. Looks like we’re moving on forward to whatever the future might bring us.” 

What Kuehne Loves about Mr. Troncoso 

Mr. Troncoso’s coworkers are grateful to have him on their team. Kelly Ward, Kuehne’s New Jersey Transportation Supervisor, says that “Frank is one of the first drivers to jump out and volunteer his advice, suggestions and insights. He will go out of his way to help his co-drivers in any way possible.”  

She goes on to say that “he is great at communicating with his supervisors, and he has a wonderful attitude towards everyone, including excellent customer relationships. He is hard working, loyal, and dedicated to the best interests of the company using safe practices and sharing his knowledge with each driver he trains. He will never say no, he says it will be okay, and we will work it out to get deliveries completed!” 

And Steven Gehrlein, Kuehne’s Transportation Manager, adds that “he’s not only willing to help others, he goes out of his way to do so every day. We’re very lucky to have him for sure! 

Mr. Troncoso’s long-time friend and coworker, Alvaro Diaz, says that “He is kind-hearted even with people he does not know. That is how I met him.” He goes on to tell a story about how Mr. Troncoso had given him a meal after a long and difficult day of work. He says “He always has a smile on his face even on bad days. He is a hard worker and a valuable asset for Kuehne.” 

Family Values 

When asked what Mr. Troncoso likes to do in his free time, he responds that he likes to spend his days off with his 19-year-old son. They like to play soccer together, go out to watch movies, or just hang out at the house and relax. He is proud of his son, who is in his second year at Union County College studying computer science and engineering. Mr. Troncoso and his son also like to vacation together in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, where they enjoy visiting family. 

Our Appreciation 

Did you know that September 12th – 18th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week? Truck drivers like Mr. Troncoso are so important to the entire US economy; they deserve a lot of respect for being out on the roads delivering needed goods to the American people. Mr. Troncoso is one of the many truck drivers here at Kuehne Company who exemplifies what it is like to be a professional truck driver. Kuehne is so thankful for him and the rest of our dedicated team of drivers.    


  1. Steve Gehrlein

    I have been in trucking for my entire adult life. Frank and the entire Kuehne driving force are the best I’ve ever been associated with. It’s a real pleasure working with them every day!

    • Kenneth J Pierce

      What kind of schedule do drivers have? Pay scale and equipment?

      • Valerie Kuehne

        Hi Mr. Pierce and thank you for your inquiry!

        Following are some of the features of our driver positions:

        • 24/7 operation
        • 5 scheduled work days per week
        • Dedicated schedule (non-rotating, days chosen according to need by dispatcher)
        • Dedicated starting times (Day/Night/Afternoon, etc. chosen according to need by dispatcher)
        • Equipment owned and maintained by Kuehne Company

        Also, all of our deliveries are local (no overnights). Please contact our Human Resources department for more information: 973-854-2127.

        We hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Dave in the Lab

    Great to hear about Mr. Troncoso’s story. It gives me peace of mind to know that Kuehne’s products are being transported safely and effectively by such talented and dedicated individuals such as Mr. Troncoso. I would love to hear if he and his son have a favorite movie that they would recommend!

  3. William Paulin

    I truly enjoy seeing Frank’s bright smile every time I see him. I hope he an his son get to see many movies and travel often. Without truly committed people like Frank Kuehne would not be as successful as it is. Thank you to Frank and all our dedicated drivers.


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