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Jul 20, 2021 | Our Employees | 9 comments

Jose Gonzalez, pictured above on the far left, is an expert Fleet Maintenance Mechanic at Kuehne Company’s New Jersey facility. But it turns out that Jose has another skill in his back pocket that he has been sharing with his coworkers – that of a health and wellness coach. He has been taking his health seriously since long before this summer’s Wellness Wednesday initiative, and back in May, he and 2 other mechanics, Jose and Devin, decided to make some health goals and diet changes together.  

Gonzalez has been eating a modified version of the keto diet for about 2 years now. He has taken the time to research the benefits and reasoning behind this diet and was happy to share his knowledge with his coworkers. In fact, he is so dedicated that he prepped meals for them for the entire month of May to help get them started. 

Jose Gonzalez’s prepped meals

Gonzalez knew that introducing exercise too early on could potentially cause burnout, so after getting their diet in order for one month and letting the guys see some results, they started making goals to do a certain number of pushups during their lunch break.  

Besides having lost 20-25 pounds each, they are all feeling a lot better. Gonzalez mentioned that they got rid of all the junk food snacks and replaced them with keto-friendly snacks such as almond flour based cookies. He also noticed that there has been an energy drink in the fridge for quite some time now. Nobody has needed it. 

Devin Lloyd, one of the fellow fleet maintenance mechanics who has been eating healthy and doing push ups, says that Jose is “a hard-driving team player, very confident in anything he does … I appreciate him for helping me on my path of dieting, helping with a jumpstart of prepping meals and guiding us about what to eat and not to eat. And now it’s easier to continue this weight loss path to success.” 

Jose Fernandez has also joined with Gonzalez and Lloyd on the fitness path. He says “I enjoy working with him; he is very friendly and a joy to be around. Mechanic wise he is top tier, I had to do a lot of convincing in order to get him to join our team. As a health and fitness coach he is also top tier. He’s not pushy – he just expresses that he wants you to be healthier. The meals he prepped were great! Especially his lasagna – that meal was the best one of all. But overall, he was a great addition to the Kuehne team/family.” 

Gonzalez emphasizes the fact that his diet is a lifestyle change. He has eliminated or drastically reduced the intake of many types of foods from his diet – primarily carbs and dairy products, as well as many fruits and other high-sugar foods. He focuses on greens, lean meats and healthy fats such as avocado. He says that eventually “you stop missing the potatoes and other carbs.” 


Jose’s famous lasagna!
Cauliflower rice with chicken and broccoli – Yum!
Jose grows some of his own herbs and veggies.

Some of the meals they have been enjoying include lasagna made of an egg based pasta, ground turkey, spinach, and mozzarella. They also eat salad with oven-roasted chicken. Mashed cauliflower with turkey bacon and cheddar cheese is a favorite as well. Gonzalez says “If I weren’t a mechanic, I would be a chef.” Well Jose, here at Kuehne, we are grateful that you chose to be a mechanic! 


Steve Gehlrein, Kuehne’s Transportation Manager, adds that “Jose is a highly skilled technician and happily shares his mechanical expertise and enthusiasm for fitness with his coworkers. He has become a champion for wellness … and has encouraged his coworkers to follow suit, not through intimidation but by way of encouragement. We are very lucky to have him with us.” 

Lunch time pushups


  1. Jose Gonzalez Jr

    I’m honored to have been in this months spot light, I never expected this type of recognition I simply was helping my co-workers / friends make better health decisions. They were the ones who put in the hard work and stuck with it and with that dedication came the reward of the weight loss and all around feeling better of them selves. Thanks again to all.

  2. Ronda Kuehne

    How Wonderful! You even helped them prep the meals! Thank you so much and we are all very grateful to have you in the Kuehne Family.

  3. Zach

    Great stuff team. We are lucky to have you all!

  4. Joseph K Kwiatkoski

    Nice work, sir. This is great stuff!

  5. Manny Cunha

    He knows how to prepare good food!…
    If he can fill me up, I think that I am going to be really good friend with him…
    Good work.

  6. David in the Lab

    Inspiring. Love to see goals become reality.

  7. Bill Paulin

    This is truly awesome! As I get more fit I will need to challenge the mechanics to a push off. We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated Team member that cares about his Team’s health. I hope to get the lasagna recipe some day.

  8. Jose Fernandez

    Thanks to Jose’s help with starting me on the keto diet and his help with my new exercise routine, i feel a lot better. So glad we were able to add him to the team/family

  9. Steve Gehrlein

    I’m extremely proud of all these men. Being a manager is fun and easy with people like this on the team!


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