Ken Carola

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One of the people who makes Kuehne Company a great place to work is Salesman Ken Carola. In his 34 years with Kuehne, he has played a critical role in enhancing community safety by working with municipalities to educate them on the strategic use of various water purification products. 

Recently, he has been reaching out to explain how companies and municipalities alike can reduce their carbon footprints by switching to higher concentrations of sodium hypochlorite.  


Dave, Ken, and Jim at the Company Christmas Party in 2016

Lightening the Mood 

Not only is Ken a diligent worker; he is also a delight to be around. As Ms. Jackie DiCostanzi puts it, “Ken is one of my most favorite people to work with. He is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the work done. A true team player!”  Jackie works frequently with Ken in her role as a Customer Service Representative. She goes on to say that “He is someone who can command the attention of the whole room with a great story and still make everyone one else feel important. (It’s a superpower!)” 


Ken understands the merit of making others feel valuable. In fact, he initiated the “Kuehne Showcase,” which is what we call this and similar articles in which we take the time to show our appreciation for a different employee each month.

Knowing Your Market, and Your Audience 

Mr. David Zilberfarb, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Kuehne, describes Ken as “the consummate sales professional – he has an encyclopedic knowledge of our markets and customers, and his never- ending focus is on exceeding our customers’ expectations.” 

Ken is a lifelong learner, and also has a remarkable memory. His positive attitude and ability to learn new skills is refreshing. “I’ve worked with Ken for over 30 years,” says Sue Anthony, Sales Administrator at Kuehne. “He is always willing to lend a hand in any task that needs to be completed. Any conversation you have with Ken, his great sense of humor is obvious!” 

Zach Kuehne, President, says “Ken is one of those rare people who everyone wants to be around. He lights up any room he is in with jokes, wild gestures and is always telling a funny story from the good old days that gets everyone laughing.

The Good Old Days 

Ken has seen many changes at Kuehne since 1988. He reflects on the days before cellphones, before voicemail even, when the secretary would write messages down for the salesmen in the office. He marvels at how much communication has changed throughout the years. Tasks that used to take days can now be done in seconds. 

Ken Carola celebrates with co-worker Manny Cunha

Ken and Karen Carola

Ken and his wife, Karen, enjoying some hiking in Zion National Park

Family Time 

Ken enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen. They enjoy being outside skiing, hiking and camping. They also enjoy going on adventures with their adult children and 5 young grandchildren. 

Thank you, Ken, for all that you do and all that you are! Kuehne is fortunate to have you on our team. 



  1. zach kuehne

    You are a Kuehne treasure Ken! We are lucky to have you.

  2. Ronda Kuehne

    Thank you Ken. You are so appreciated! Never a dull moment around you!

  3. David in the Lab

    Great Showcase! Ken is a pleasure to be around and an exceptional story teller! I am going to spare him and keep to myself how old I was in 1988.


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