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Kuehne Company continually focuses on innovative methods, policies and strategies to meet our customers’ needs while reducing impacts to our environment, our natural resources and the social and security needs of our society. Examples of our innovation include: 

Development of proprietary processes and methods for complete utilization and recycling of resource inputs

Development of processes and practices to reduce environmental and security impacts

Development of processes and practices to achieve zero or near zero emissions

Advancing technologies for the treatment of water and wastewater

Systems for employee development, fulfillment and advancement


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Kuehne Donates Lab Equipment to Local High School

Kuehne Donates Lab Equipment to Local High School

                  Kuehne Company recently received a letter of thanks from Mr. Leo Macdonald M.Ed., an AP® Chemistry and Chemistry Teacher at New Hope Solebury High School in New Hope, Pennsylvania.   When Ms. Azade...

Rudi Fernandes

Rudi Fernandes

            In the control room of the South Kearny Brine to Bleach facility, Rudi Fernandes sits quietly monitoring the operations of the plant. Born in a small town in Portugal, Rudi moved to the US about 20 years ago, where he finished...

South Kearny Safety Day

South Kearny Safety Day

                  First, I would like to say, that this day was successful, due to the incredible Team we have here at Kearny. Not only did the Safety Squad participate with the activities, but others went out of their way...