The Dream Team

Jul 2, 2021 | Announcements, Transportation Department | 2 comments

In a recent diagnostic training day, the New Jersey fleet maintenance mechanics welcomed the Delaware team to their facility. Steve Gehrlein and others in the transportation department are pleased to see how the mechanics are building relationships while sharing their expertise.  

In recent years, efforts have been made to promote this type of camaraderie between the mechanics. Rayan Carter says “all of the mechanics are doing a wonderful job. I really appreciate the effort they are putting in and the way they are stepping up.” He is getting to see firsthand the importance of having the teams from the two different sites get to know each other not only as mechanics, but also on a more personal level.  

Rayan goes on to say that he appreciates all the guys. “It’s a good team. They pick up the slack for one another. They keep up with making sure everything is in proper condition so everything can be safe on the road.” 

A huge thank you to a team of mechanics that Kuehne is very proud of (pictured above from left): Rob McKnett, Stan Brozoski, Jose Fernandez, Devin Lloyd & Jose Gonzalez! Also, a special shout-out to Rayan Carter, Kuehne’s Fleet Equipment Supervisor. We are grateful for your guidance and leadership in such an important aspect of the business – ensuring that deliveries are made safely.  


  1. Steve Gehrlein

    Best maintenance team I’ve seen in my entire career! Thanks for your dedication and professionalism guys!

  2. Shane Stackhouse

    Phenomenal guys personally as well as being great at what they do. Pleasure to work with this team on a daily basis.


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