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As part of Kuehne Company’s Wellness Wednesday Initiative, everyone was challenged to cook a healthy Braised Chicken with Chestnuts recipe and submit pictures of their masterpiece. Congratulations to the Prata, Leyrer, and George families for being the first three to submit pictures! We hope you enjoy your prize – a $100 gift card! 
Ron’s wife shows off the Braised Chicken dinner.
In the past year, Ron George has especially been a model of what it looks like to get serious about health and fitness. When Covid-19 lockdowns began keeping people at home, Ron took the initiative to start riding his 3-wheeled bicycle and eating healthier. He says he tries to ride 3 times a week, each time doing 25 miles. This takes an average of 2 hours and 5 minutes to complete. Since developing this healthy habit, he has lost over 100 pounds!  

We hope to see others taking big strides toward their health and wellness goals this summer and beyond!

Mario Prata and his family also accepted the challenge, showing off their organic ingredients in the pictures they sent.

They believe in a wellness and sustainability-driven lifestyle. At the onset of the pandemic, when accessibility to goods and services was dramatically reduced, Mario and his wife transitioned to purchasing the majority of their produce and meat directly from local organic farms.

The Pratas believe that we are all a product of what we consume mentally and physically, and strive to consistently nourish their family in healthy ways. Since Mario and his wife Katelyn are subject to varied shifts, it is important to them to maximize the limited time they have all together with their three children.

The Pratas are fitness club members where they enjoy family workouts and fitness activities. Yoga is also something that the Pratas try to incorporate into their lifestyle. Through Katelyn’s yoga certification, she learned about physical movement and mindfulness which the Pratas believe in practicing with their family. 💗


The Prata’s Braised Chicken Dinner – Yum!
The Leyrer family’s finished product!

The Leyrer family also submitted beautiful pictures of their completed Braised Chicken Chestnut recipe (see cover photo).

Mark says “since about a month ago I have been actively trying to eat healthier so that is why I made the conscious decision to serve it with lettuce instead of something like mashed potatoes or rice.  I am not following any specific diet but this recipe looked good for targeting lower carbs, low calories, low salt… all good for blood pressure, blood sugar, and body weight!”

We look forward to seeing more photos of this week’s upcoming challenge recipe – Dan Dan Noodles with Spinach and Walnuts!


We couldn’t resist giving the Fernandes family a bonus $50 gift card for being the fourth family to submit a picture of their delicious braised chicken with chestnuts dinner. They even prepared a mashed cauliflower side to round out this healthy meal.

Other families have been asking if this challenge will continue into the following weeks. We’re so happy to see so much interest and participation that we have decided to keep the challenge going!

Haven’t tried the Braised Chicken with Chestnuts Recipe yet?


Check out this cuteness!

Also – a big thank you to those of you who participated in Kuehne’s first Wellness Survey. Following are the winners at each location:

CT Winners: Jeffrey Montalvo & Anthony Morale

DE Winners: Mark Merkel, David Miyamoto, Bernis Garcia & Jill Drazek

NJ Winners: Jim Doan, Kris Kobelski,  Adrian Zapata, Rudi Fernandez & Susan Anthony

Enjoy your new Fitbits!


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